Evacuation Diagrams

Do the evacuation diagrams in your premises meet Australian Standard 3745-2010 ? Are they meeting the Building Code of Australia? Current standards have recently been updated and require the diagram (map) to show the emergency assembly point, to be orientated to the direction the map is facing, to show due North and to include a legend of icons used.

At Australian Fire & First Aid we supply many of the extras as standard when creating evacuation diagrams for your premises such as:

  • Green arrows indicating the path to the nearest exit
  • You are here orientation logo
  • Location of fire fighting equipment
  • Location of first aid equipment
  • Laminating
  • Custom background colour
  • Issue and Expiry dates
  • Map Version Number


All of our evacuation diagrams can be customised to suit your premises decor and needs. Custom colours, framing, photos of wardens, tailored emergency procedures and more can be added to your diagrams.

We can orientate your buildings design into a landscape or portrait poster to suit the available wall space.


Available in A4 and A3 formats.

For more information please see the attached downloadable PDF, please note that the document is quite large and may take a moment to openEVACUATION DIAGRAMS AS3745 2010