Evacuation Training

Formerly known as Evacuation Training our EMERGENCY RESPONSE DRILLS are fast gaining popularity as the best way to test the skills of your staff in a realistic, industry specific emergency scenario undertaken at your premises.

Is it compulsory to do an evacuation exercise every year?

Yes it is. Australian Standard 3745-2010 section 3.5.5 states that “All areas of a building, structure or workplace shall participate in at least one exercise in each 12 month period”.

What does an evacuation exercise entail?

Run separately or in conjunction with our warden and extinguisher courses an evacuation or invacuation (lock down) exercise puts warden skills to the test. We set up an emergency situation at your site. After the exercise we conduct a debriefing session with your wardens to review any issues that have arisen and ensure everyone is confident with their role and responsibilities. A certificate of compliance is provided to the company upon completion and payment of the course, as is a written report covering the details of the exercise which can be kept for compliance purposes and we suggest tabled at your next OHS meeting.

We are happy to conduct surprise evacuations/invacuations to keep your staff on their toes, and can include simulated injuries, fires and or other complications specific to your industry or site.

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