New Safety Store Under Construction

During our annual business conference in January 2012 we recognised that safety item retailing was not part of our core focus but had infact become a solid financial contributor to our business. Since our inception we have assisted our safety & training customers to source products direct from the manufacturers. This has afforded AFFA discounted rates with many safety wholesalers and an opportunity to provide quality equipment to our existing customers below recommended retail prices. It was almost a tongue in cheek experiment that saw us add the safety store tab to our website in early 2012 to see if there was a market for an ‘online safety store’. To our amazement, our tiny store with only 5 items is the second highest ranking page on our site (behind the home page) and sales have been steadily growing. It is with great excitement that we can now announce that our new WORK HEALTH SAFETY STORE is under construction.

The new store/business will be called WORK HEALTH SAFETY STORE and will  housed on a seperate domain, don’t worry it will still be accessible from all pages here on the AFFA website. Whilst we are building the new store with over 300 products we will be temporarily disabling the current store, all of the items we curently sell Aust wide including Warden Hats, 3 in 1 Keyrings, First Aid Kits, Fire Blankets, Stretchers, First Aid Equipment, AED’s and more will still be available, simply send your order to

The new store will continue to sell quality safety products at recommended retail prices and will continue to offer discounts below retail prices to our current training & safety customers.

If you are trying to source a specialised product please do not hesitate to contact us for a comapartive quote on the email above or 08 8596 4243

We recently saved a valued  customer $840 (each) on the purchase of 2 AED machines. St John had priced them at $2540 each, we were able to source the same machine for $1700 each.



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