3in1 Bodyguard SOS Rescue Keyrings


3in1 Bodyguard SOS Recue Keyrings are now available from the AFFA Store. Featuring 3 life saving devices to be used by you in an emergency or as a first responder at an accident site. Each keyring is available in a choice of four bright colours and has the following features;

1 – A sharp easy blow, SOS whistle to alert rescuers to your location

2- A seat belt cutter to quickly free people from trapped vehicles (comes with rubber safety cap)

3 – Window Breaking tool – to gain access to trapped people or animals in vehicles

Other versions of this keyring only have two safety tools,

"Don't buy less for more money 
our 3in1 bodygaurd has THREE safety tools 
in one handy keyring" 

$20 (inc GST) each delivered Australia Wide.

Please email info@affa.net.au to place your order, an invoice and payment instructions will be sent to you.

* Discounts apply for Emergency Services Personnel and AFFA Training Customers.

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