Evacuation Diagrams

We have updated the information on our Evacuation Diagram page on our website. On December 10, 2010 Australian Standard 3745-2010 was updated an included changes to the legal requirements for Evacuation Diagrams, this included among other things:


All diagrams must be titled Evacuation Diagram

All  diagrams must include a legend of symbols used

All diagrams must show the emergency assembly area (either pictorially or state location in words)

All diagrams mst show you are here location

Exits must be show in green

Equipment must be highlighted


A list of optional extras was also included in the recommendations such as;

Green arrows marking exit path

Indicating North

Indicating first aid stations and equipment

Direction of opening on exit doors

At Australian Fire & First Aid we include these optional extras and more as part of our standard evacuation diagram. All maps can be customised to suit your company colours, decor and can include a range of features mentioned on the EVACUATION DIAGRAM page.

Mark up prices include printing of your first map and premises which have a high potential to cause harm or damage to maps are able to purchase digital copies to allow continous self replacement.

As always we deliver above and beyond national standard and tailor our service to meet your needs.

Call us today for more information on our tailored corporate training and safety services (08) 8596 4243 or email info@affa.net.au

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