Launch of our new WHS Vlog

Our highly successful WHS blog is being turned into a Vlog and housed on our YouTube Channel so you can meet some of the members of our team. Our clips will soon be ready but there is one question we are being asked daily at the moment and we did’t think Australia could wait any longer, so we filmed a quick clip in the office using our energy saving toshiba laptops. The number one question we are currently asked is ‘Will fire training be compulsory under WHS’? If you’d like to know the answer simply click on the clip below!

2 thoughts on “Launch of our new WHS Vlog

  1. Dear sir / madam.
    I hope you can assist me in the following?
    our construction site plumbers (NSW) are required to use oxy / acetelene, therefore they must have a serviced & suitable fire extinguisher in close proximity to their working area. I am trying to arrange for our plumbing employees to partake in regular (say, every 6 months) training in the use of fire extinguishers. However, in order to make this request to our company’s management. I have been searching the Act / Regulation / Codes of Practice and some Australian Standards for documented sections that relates to the requirement of workers having this training.
    I believe, if a worker is required to have a extinguisher… Then it is manadatory for that worker to be train in the use of that extinguisher.
    Can you help? Do you have any reference material that I can use for highlighting my intentions to our management?
    ps. It shouldn’t be about the $ dollar!! I’ve been asking relevant sourses and no advice to date:-(

    Thank you

    Tony Delyfer
    Triple ‘M’ Mechanical Services (NSW WHS coordinator)

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