Welcome to the new Australian Fire & First Aid Website

Welcome to the Australian Fire & First Aid Blog. Over the coming weeks we will be migrating information from our existing flash driven website located at www.affa.net.au to this site which will eventually use the affa.net.au domain name. We are moving our site for several reasons, firstly wordpress is a much more mobile friendly platform and in this current day and age where everyone has a mobile internet device we feel it is the smartest move any business can make. Our current flash driven site takes sometime to load and can be frustrating for those who have slow or weak internet connectivity. Customers have told us they have shut their browser in frustration waiting for pages on our site to load. We had planned a major overhaul of the existing site for some time to so we thought why not take the opportunity to create the site all over with a fresher format and the opportunity to add a blog! We will also be adding an online store to sell safety products such as warden hats, safety cords, high visibility clothing and more.

We plan to use our blog to update you all on current trends in the safety industry, to advise of changes to laws that may affect you and to provide articles of interest. If you have a question you would like answered regarding Fire Training, First Aid Training, Safety Training or Safety Services please drop as a line at info@affa.net.au and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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